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59 Goals for 2009

Here are my goals for 2009, one for each year of my life... I will be 59 in 2009. I tried to make them "measurable," staying true what I know as a teacher: the best written goals and objectives can be measured.

Health and Fitness
Go for a walk at least 3 times a week, preferably with a friend Yes
Swim 10 laps at least 10 times during the year
Take a strength-training classDONE 10/09-11/09
Ride my bike 3-10 miles at least 10 times during the year Yes, mostly in summer
Keep cholesterol level under 200 Yes
Lose 10 pounds, sensibly and slowly
Cook healthy meals at home at least 5 days a week Yes
Plan healthy and interesting weekly dinner menusYes
Try one new recipe once a week Yes
Buy organic produce 50% of the time Yes, whenever possible
Get a mammogram and annual exam DONE 11/09
Have my hearing and vision checked-Vision DONE 04/09, Hearing 6/09

Celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary somewhere we've never been-DONE 03/09
Visit my DDs at least 6 timesYes
Visit my DSS and DSD at least 6 timesYes
Help my DH plan and host his family reunionDONE 08/09
Spend at least one day a month with my sisterYes
Have dinner out at least 12 times with good friends Yes-monthly dinners
Reconnect with a friend I've lost touch with Yes, via
Mentor at least one new teacher or principalYes
Visit my elderly shut-in friend at least twice a month Visit monthly when we're in CA

Volunteer at the food bank at least 4 times Only made it twice
Volunteer as a Spanish-English translator for Yes, translate weekly
Reduce our carbon footprint Accomplished
Serve on our HOA BoardN/A we won't be around much in 2010
Sponsor an underprivileged child for science campDONE 04/09

Life-Long Learning/Intellectual Engagement/Creative Pursuits
Take a photography workshop
Scan and transfer old family photos to digital format
Create digital photo albums for my DDs
Re-learn to crochet (I've gotten rusty)
Sew at least one challenging item of clothing for me or someone else
Visit the library at least 12 times during the year Yes-Monthly visits
Read Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz (in Spanish)DONE 02/09
Re-read Roots by Alex Haley-DONE 07/09
Read The Zookeepers Wife, by Diane Ackerman DONE by 12/09
Play Scrabble with DH at least once a month (his favorite game)Did it and had fun
Post to my SA blog at least once a week Averaged at least once a week
Continue my part-time work (1-2 days a week)DONE, coming to an end 12/09

Spend a long, romantic weekend with my dh at the Highlands Inn - DONE 01/09
Spend a week in San Antonio-DONE 03/09
Spend 3-4 weeks in Antigua, Guatemala-DONE 05/09-6/09
Take an Alaskan Cruise-DONE 06/09
Spend a weekend in Yosemite
Spend a week in Lake Tahoe with my sister DONE 07/09
Go to at least one Stanford football game (DH's alma mater)DONE 011/21/09
Go to at least one performance by American Musical Theater-Canceled... they went bust!
Go to at least one performance by SF Flamenco
Go to one performance of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival-DONE 07/09
Visit the new California Academy of Sciences in SF-DONE 05/09
Take a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train
Research and plan our 2010 trip to Machu Picchu -DONE 04/09
Review and revise my "Bucket List"DONE 07/09

Increase net worth by 5% Only 3.44% by 12/31/09
Save 15% of my monthly retirement incomeDONE
Create a durable power of attorney
Update my revocable living trust
Increase annual charitable donations by 5%DONE by 09/09
Reduce gas/electric bill by 10% for the year Success 12/09
Learn how to sell unwanted items on eBay