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Twenty-five Things About Me

November 2008

1) In 1951, I survived one of the worst earthquakes in the history of El Salvador (in Jucuapa). My uncle died trying to rescue me and my DS from our collapsing home... we were left homeless;

2) A few months later, I emigrated to the USA (to SF, @ age 2)... I became a naturalized citizen as an adult;

3) I spoke only Spanish until I started kindergarten and I frequently dream in Spanish, even now;

4) My DS saved me from drowning when I was 10... I then developed a profound fear of water that I did not overcome until I had to pass the swimming test required for my high school graduation;

5) From grades 4th through 8th, I was one of 50+ students in my elementary classroom. Due to my non-conforming "attitude," I was frequently in trouble with the nuns... I even had my own chair in the principal's office. Ironically, I later became a school principal myself;

6) I was not recommended to go on to a Catholic girls' high school due to my rebellious behavior, so instead I had to attend a public high school;

7) At 16, I listened to the music of Janis Joplin at the Avalon Ballroom and danced at the Fillmore Auditorium to the music of a new group that would later be known as the Grateful Dead... those were exciting days;

8) Growing up in SF, I lived through the Haight-Ashbury "hippie counterculture" scene of the 1960s;

9) I learned to drive at age 15 1/2... my first car was a beat-up 1958 Morris Minor 1000 convertible that my father bought for $100 and fixed up for me;

10) My first job at age 16 was as a telemarketer for $2 an hour... I HATED it, even though the pay was high for those days. Rejection sucks;

11) I became engaged just before turning 17 to a young man who went off to fight in the Vietnam War... I did not see him for over a year;

12) I was married at 19 in an elegant, formal wedding attended by 250 guests. We then moved into a house we bought for $21,500;

13) I had my "first child" at age 24 but did not know I was expecting twins until five days before their birth;

14) I cut my below-the-waist-length hair when my babies were five months old and donated it, to the great displeasure of my husband (at that time);

15) I was divorced at 31. After my divorce, I went back to college and became a teacher;

16) I've been selected "Teacher of the Year" - twice;

17) I've traveled to Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, and 21 of the 50 states. There is so much more of the world I want to see;

18) My DH was my university professor over 25 years ago... at the time he was happily married to his first wife who later died of leukemia. We started dating 2 years after her death when our paths crossed at a conference in Houston, TX;

19) DH and I were married in a small ceremony in our home, attended only by our children, my DS, BIL, and a few close friends. My friend and coworker, a kindergarten teacher, officiated and we wrote our own vows;

20) From the time my DDs were born until they started college, we lived on a small farm in northern CA where we raised sheep, chickens, rabbits, and tended an organic vegetable garden;

21) I've never done drugs but I sure like my liquor, especially a good cabernet;

22) I have an MA in Educational Technology and everything I learned in 1989 is now obsolete;

23) As long as I can remember (from around age 3), I have owned (been owned by?) at least one cat;

24) I HATE to exercise even though I was fairly athletic when I was younger (ice skating, bike riding, hiking...);

25) At age 58, I have outlived my mother and if I make it to 62, I will have outlived my father.