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The road to retirement...

May 21st, 2008 at 12:04 am

did have bumps and potholes along the way but nonetheless, I always kept an eye on the destination. Now, my philosophy has changed… the “destination” (retirement) is really just a fork in the road and journey continues but on my terms. While I have made many mistakes (and hopefully learned from them), I will share a few things that have had a positive impact in the overall scheme of things:

1) Paid myself first. No matter how little I was earning, I always made it a habit to put a few dollars in my savings each payday. This was part of my monthly budget. I didn’t touch this money unless I had a dire emergency (but it was there when I needed it);

2) Began to plan for my retirement at a very early age. I started my first IRA when I was 22, later added a Roth IRA, a 403b, and a 457 plan. Now, at the end stage of my formal working career, I am able to deposit the maximum allowed into these accounts;

3) Asked is this a want or a need? Years ago, as the single mother of two young daughters, resources were limited, so I researched big purchases (e.g., new car, TV, computer), lived frugally, and managed the family budget carefully. I looked for bargains and sales whenever possible (still do) and always asked, “Is this a need or a want? Do I love it? Do I need it now or can it wait?” Delayed gratification builds will power and helps cut impulse buying (most of the time).

4) Taught my daughters to be financially responsible. They always received a small allowance to help them learn money management and I required 25% to go into their savings. They had many chores and responsibilities at home, but these were not connected to receiving an allowance. It was how they contributed as members of the family… chores were done whether they received an allowance or not. Now, as adults, they are financially solid, one is an ICU nurse, the other a biologist, and both, along with their DHs are well on their way to financial freedom with their own retirement and savings accounts. I will not have to worry about supporting or subsidizing adult children in my retirement years.

Well, there is more but I will save it for another day as this post is long enough! I much appreciate the supportive comments and know that I am in good company here.

6 Responses to “The road to retirement...”

  1. terri77 Says:

    Sounds like you've done a great job planning for retirement.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    You had a great plan. I also learned to pay myself first, no matter how little I earned! (And I never earned very much)

  3. Petunia Says:

    You did so well! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aleta Says:

    What a great and uplifting post. You learned at an early age to do what most of us wish that we had done. (Paying ourselves first). I'm looking forward to your posts. Did you say that you are retired now or are near it?

  5. Aleta Says:

    Sorry I just read your first post and you stated your retirement as of August of this year. Good luck and keep us all posted.

  6. scfr Says:

    Thank you for your post!

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