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New Goals

May 22nd, 2008 at 03:55 am

Preparing for retirement required setting financial goals and monitoring them periodically. One of my goals was to have at least 80% of my net working income in retirement. Through careful planning this will be accomplished. Now as retirement gets closer, I decided to set new goals in retirement. These are not in any particular order:

1) Spend the equivalent of one day a week doing volunteer work;

2) Spend more “quality” time with family and friends;

3) Focus on getting healthier: lose 20 pounds and prepare more nutritious meals;

4) Continue to save 15-20% of my retirement income. This fund will be used for big-ticket items such as vacations, replacement car or appliances, etc. and would be used before the “Emergency Fund” is tapped;

5) Consider doing some part-time consultant work IF the work interests me AND I have too much time on my hands;

6) Continue learning… take classes, read more, get involved in causes;

7) Each year, travel to one of the places on my list of “Places to Visit Before I Die”;

8) Spend more time enjoying container gardening in my patio;

9) Get involved in online forums that appeal to me;

10) Write that mystery/suspense book that’s been lurking in the creative recesses of my mind for years.

For those of you already retired, do you have words of wisdom to share? What were some challenges? Any regrets or advice?

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