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$5 a gallon for gas!?

May 30th, 2008 at 02:08 pm

This morning I heard on the radio that gas is expected to go to $5 a gallon in our area within a few weeks. Wow…for some reason, $5 just hit me. I wonder where it will stop? No doubt, it is just a matter of time before rising gas costs will have an impact food prices and other goods that have to be transported, as well as on the cost of travel. And yes, I really want to whine about it, but I won’t. It won’t change a thing. So, I will focus on what I can change and control.

We don’t have adequate public transportation where we live, so driving is a necessity. I will try to drive more efficiently and less frequently when possible. I figure I’ll be spending between $35-$40 more a month if gas goes to $5, so my challenge will be to see how I can creatively save elsewhere, something I want to do anyway. DH and I are still planning to take our road trip to Sedona this summer (with my DS and BIL), but we are taking one car instead of two. We will just pack lighter and make it work.

A friend sent me these links that have tips for saving gas:

Text is and Link is

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The gas savings tips were interesting. Some of these I’d heard about before and some were new to me.

Note: I did not like the “Making Money” link on the sidebar of gas saving tips web page… seemed a little "scammy" to me. (Yeah, I couldn’t resist, so I clicked.)

8 Responses to “$5 a gallon for gas!?”

  1. sounderella Says:

    Well I heard on the news there is going to be an investigation of the oil companies for possbile price fixing. I pray they come back down soon. Hang in there!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Sedona is so beautiful. I'm jealous!

  3. sagegirl Says:

    Even driving two hours to a family reunion this weekend has made us plan better--we are car pooling with my sister's family AND my brothers family--all 11 of us in two cars to everyone chipping in for gas. (my sister drives a mini-van). It really makes you think about how you drive and what trips are actually necessary. We have started making short trips to the grocery store by bike-2 miles round trip-for when we have to get a few things. I have a bike trailer that I pull on mine for DS and we can store the bags in there.

  4. Aleta Says:

    One of the reason that gas prices are hitting us so hard is our lack of adequate transportaion systems. Alot of cities weren't developed with mass transportation in mind. We also don't have our markets close by to our homes. Europeans walk and bike alot but they buy alot of their fresh meat, fish, and produce daily. I think we're behind the eight ball on this one including the larger cars that are driven here.

  5. KayCee Says:

    Yesterday, on THE VIEW, Suze Orman and the ladies were waxing philosophical over the fact that "we" need to get over $4/$5 a gallon gas prices since gasoline in Europe is the equivalent of $6/$7 here.

    @@ W T F ?!!!?

    I hate, Hate, HATE those kind of comments. I don't live in Europe, so who gives a frig about what European prices are?!!? So not relevant. @@

    Well, I guess it is only relevant in the fact that it is yet another reason I am glad I live in the U S of A!!! :-)

    U g g g h h h h h h

  6. Lisa Says:

    Comparing Europe to here is comparing apples and oranges. European gas is so expensive because it is taxed out the kazoo to pay for public transportation and they have great public transportation system. Expensive gas here just lines the pockets of commodity traders and oil producing nations. A big reason gas is so high is because the Bush Administration has worked hard to devalue the dollar in world markets. The price of everything we import, namely oil, gets more and more expensive as the dollar sinks against other currencies.

  7. dtjunkie Says:

    I wonder if this is the oil owners' "payback" for all the hype and interest that has gathered around hybrid and electric cars in the recent years. Does anybody here have a hybrid? Curious to find out how much you spend on gas these days.

  8. Analise Says:

    After we bought a new car in '07, DH started driving our '03 Prius. He gets about 45-50 mpg and spends about $50-60 per month. He has a 20 mi. RT commute to work.

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