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Catch Up Day

August 4th, 2008 at 12:14 am

Because of family commitments and out-of-town visitors since last Thursday, I had not paid my August bills until this morning. I love the ease of using my computer while enjoying a good cup of coffee. I did the following online in less than 30 minutes:

~ scheduled utility bill payment ($83.42) on CC1, next cycle
~ scheduled phone bill payment (Internet, cell, and land-line, $183.45) on CC1, next cycle
~ paid CC1 ($2459.11) due 8/10
~ paid CC2 ($2286.57) due 8/12
~ paid auto license renewal for my car ($258) due 8/20
~ purchased two air fare tickets for March í09 San Antonio trip ($20, using partner miles)
~ transferred $500 to Household Reserve account
~ transferred $100 to Rental Reserve account
~ transferred $500 to ID Household Reserve account
~ transferred $50 to ING
~ transferred $1,100 to regular savings

Both CC1 and CC2 are always paid in full each month, but were higher than usual.
CC1 had a large auto insurance payment on it, and also the last of the vet bills for MC, who passed away in late June and was cremated. I also had purchased gifts for several events (a graduation, 2 birthdays).

Extra expenses on CC2 included gas for a 1400 miles road trip to ID, and NYC vacation expenses. This is also the CC I use for groceries.

The reserve accounts collect funds to be used for period expenses as they come up (e.g., taxes, insurance, etc.).

The mortgage payment, water bill, Direct TV, and HOA fees are on auto payment, so I donít have to schedule payments for them.

It is great to be able to do most of my household business online. The only check I write on a regular monthly basis is the one for the house cleaner who comes twice a month. At $150, it is my favorite splurge and worth it because I am very allergic to dust.

This afternoon, we went to see The Mummy... it was just OK; I liked the first two better. Well, now I guess I'll go catch up on the laundry.

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  1. Amber Says:

    I love paying bills online, I have even scheduled doctors aapointments

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