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September 26th, 2008 at 04:18 pm

My cat, TC, is an indoor cat but she loves to go out to our small patio when I water. She is quick to catch bugs, lizards, and other moving critters so I watch her like a hawk. Yesterday she found a very, very large feather, one that made me wonder what type of bird was flying about. TC rejects expensive toys in favor of bottle caps, crumpled paper, or a found feather, so she was definitely pleased with her find. She brought her feather in the house and proceeded to entertain me at length.

Later, I heard TC "chirping" in the office while looking out the window. The mystery was solved... we are being invaded by wild turkeys!

Boy, are those wild turkeys homely!

Our complex is close to a park, and our common areas are a pathway for deer, turkeys, and even wild pigs as they travel from the foothills to the park. The complex residents gladly share the habitat with them, especially since it was theirs first. The exception is the wild pigs. Last year, they destroyed so much landscaping with their rooting that we had to spend thousands of dollars to "relocate" them and also to repair the damage.

Not sure where the pigs were relocated to, but it was done through the Department of Fish and Game. Hopefully, not to someone's freezer. Well, the point of this post that seemingly has nothing to do with finance, is that one does not have to spend large sums to be entertained... just look around you and enjoy the simple things.

1 Responses to “Cheap Entertainment”

  1. fern Says:

    Interesting! Hey, about those turkeys, you know that Ben Franklin wanted to make them our national emblem instead of the eagle, right?

    Great shot of your kitty gazing upon them.

    the pigs sound like our woodchucks here.

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