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Caught in the Rain/Turned on Heat

November 9th, 2008 at 07:56 pm

Yesterday we invited my DS and BIL to the football game for the team of the university where DH works. The dean had given DH four VIP tickets that gave us access to the pregame social event that included music, food, wine and beer... all free, including the parking that would normally be $20. Plus, we had great seats on the 50-yard line in the VIP section.

Well, our team got shut out, and to make matters worse, in the 4th quarter the sky suddenly opened up and we had a monsoon-like downpour. It was not supposed to rain, but wary of the dark clouds, I had gone prepared with my raincoat and boots. DS had a short rain jacket, but DH and BIL quickly got soaked. When the rain started, the home crowd jumped and dispersed as if they'd been sprayed by a fire hose. All but the diehards started to leave. With only 7 minutes left and the bleak score (21-0), we decided to head home, too.

Once back home, I turned on the gas fireplace because DH and BIL were cold and wet, and DS's pants were wet from the thighs down, and she said she was "freezing." So, we are officially out of the "no-heat" contest. We still saved a lot by participating in it though (thanks for motivating us Fern), and it was fun. We will continue to monitor our use and try to be more frugal than we were last year. The forced air heater has yet to come on, but no doubt it will happen soon with the weather getting colder each day

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  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I know how that is. I rode my scooter to work for overtime one torrential Sunday and was drenched coming back. It took me forty-five minutes to dry once I was at work so upon reaching home I cranked up the heat to 75F and made no apologies for it.

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