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Crazy @ Costco

November 21st, 2008 at 11:33 pm

When I retired, I vowed I would never go to Costco on a Saturday again... it's just too busy and hectic, at least in our city. DH and I always go together but today he was out of town on business, so I decided to go on my own to beat the holiday crowd. I thought this might also result in saving money since we tend to spend more when he's along.

Well, even though I went early, Costco was as busy and crowed as a weekend day... I guess I didn't beat the holiday shoppers after all. I ended up spending $192 after using $10 worth of coupons. It sure doesn't seem as if I saved any less than when DH goes with me. The good news is I won't have to go back for at least a month and I stocked up on:
* organic cereal (2 boxes)
* Propel (2 cases)
* pesto sauce
* ravioli ~ double pack, for 2 dinners and leftovers (coupon item)
* water-packed tuna (12 - for casseroles and sandwiches)
* Pam spray (coupon item)
* Pepper Jack cheese
* Splenda (coupon item)
* fresh asparagus, green beans, romaine, mushrooms, peppers
* 2 bottles BV cabernet
* fresh tilapia (enough for 6 dinners)
* fresh lean pork chops (enough for 6 dinners)
* 3#s raw almonds
* baked pita chips (coupon item)

Some items will last well beyond a month (e.g., tuna, Pam, Splenda, Propel). I'm getting better at sticking to my list, using the coupons, and shopping with menus in mind (I have more than two weeks of dinners if you count the tuna casseroles). I will augment from the freezer and the pantry, so I don't have to buy meat but will go to Lucky's for fresh produce and bread. I also filled up for only $1.99 a gallon, lower than I've paid in a very long while.

3 Responses to “Crazy @ Costco”

  1. twotinytoes Says:

    We always buy the tilapia too. Unfortunately it doesn't last for 6 meals for us. How do you cook your tilapia? We just bake it with salt, pepper, green onions, and ginger then drizzle with oil.

  2. scfr Says:

    I've noticed that not only Costco but all grocery stores seem to be busier lately, regardless of what time you go. I suppose it means more people are eating at home. This must be a very hard time to be in the restaurant business.

    P.S. - I got the pita chips w/ the coupon too! Also the Bourbon Chicken and the organic carrot juice. Smile

  3. Analise Says:

    I buy tilapia in a pack with at least 12 pieces. Tilapia freezes well so this is one of the reasons I like to buy it.

    Cooking the tilapia: My favorite, easy way is to grill it after lightly drizzling with the tequila-lime seasoning we buy at Cabela's. In the summer, I grill it on my little Cobb BBQ after marinating (olive oil, fresh lemon or lime juice, fresh basil and garlic, then serve with mango salsa).

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