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Budget Graph

August 20th, 2009 at 05:57 pm

Thanks to gamecock for the idea, I used

Text is ChartTool and Link is
ChartTool to get a "visual" of our monthly expenses. Taxes are not included in this graph because it reflects how we spend our net income.

The "Misc." category includes:
~ spending allowance
~ clothing
~ prescriptions
~ entertainment
~ personal care
~ house cleaner
~ gifts
~ incidentals
~ anything and everything not accounted for elsewhere

The "Housing" and "Utilities" categories include expenses for both our CA condo and second home in ID. The "Travel Savings" category includes timeshare dues, prorated expenses for planned trips, airfare to ID, etc. Eating out about once or twice a week is included in "Groceries."

Funds needed for emergencies, home maintenance, eventual replacement of cars or appliances, repairs to rentals, etc., are taken from the "Savings" category. I like to keep this account padded because emergencies are as sure to come up as the daffodils in spring.

3 Responses to “Budget Graph”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    love it! love the colors!

  2. davera Says:

    Not sure the "average consumer" really earns $63,000 before taxes, but here's an interesting budget graph comparison:

    Text is and Link is

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