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My Fitness Challenge

September 28th, 2009 at 04:31 pm

One part of my fitness challenge is that I've finally joined the gym. I did so in mid-August and here I am at the end of September and I have been THREE times... not three times a week as was my original plan, but just three times. The gym seems like a waste money for me at the moment, but I will try it until the end of the year and make a better effort to actually GO. Lucky for me it is only $29 a month and I can quit at any time without a penalty. The usual $100 membership fee cost me only $8 because of an August promotion.

I've also started taking a yoga class on Monday nights through a wellness program offered by my HMO. The classes are held at the HMO's hospital and I pay $85 for 8 sessions (non-members pay $160). The class is small, about 12 students and most of us are novices. The best part of my class is the instructor, Bob. He is my new role model. Why? Well, at age 78, he proves that age is just a number. Yep... 78, limber, kind, funny, and wise. This is Bob. And here I am, ~20 years younger, and I feel like what I used to think a 78 year-old should feel like.

Tonight I'll go to my third session. At the first meeting, I took a towel to use as a mat and found it did not suit the purpose mainly because it did not grip the floor. So I invested in a yoga mat and bag Target... It came to about ~$44 with tax. I haven't been to Target for a while because I was surprised when I paid with a CC, that they didn't have me sign the receipt. When I questioned it, I was told Target does not ask for a signature if the purchase is less than $50. I DO NOT like this because I think it makes it easier for a thief to use a stolen card.

So what is the challenge? I've decided that every time I go to the gym, yoga class, or walk for at least 45 minutes, I will "pay myself" $5. What will I do with this money? I am not sure... but I am leaning toward donating it to the March of Dimes or using it to sponsor my grandniece in her school's annual run-a-thon. So here is what I have so far for September:

Yoga - 3 sessions = $15
Gym - 3 sessions = $15
Walking - 6 times = $30

TOTAL: $60

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Hmmm...I wonder if that charge thing is different in different states. Here it is either $20 or $25.

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