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Fashion for a Good Cause

November 14th, 2009 at 03:07 pm

Today I enjoyed going to the http://www.americangirl.com/corp/index.php Fashion Show, a benefit for the http://www.lpch.org/. This is the third year I've attended this special event, always as the guest of my niece who is one of the volunteers.

My 10 year-old grandniece also participated as a model... this year her costume was Felicity, a girl who grew up during the American Revolution. It's refreshing to see these adorable little girls modeling the attire of various historical periods. They looked very happy and wholesome, the way little girls should, and it was a good experience for them to learn about the daily lives of girls during different eras of American history.

My grandniece is the cutie on the right.

4 Responses to “Fashion for a Good Cause”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Very nice!

  2. lizajane Says:


  3. homebody Says:

    Adorable is right! My youngest daughter has Felicity (well actually we have it here at home) and I plan to give it to her daughter when she is about 5 (14 months now).

  4. lartiga Says:

    homebody - That is a wonderful idea!

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